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ATLANTOS will improve research on the South Atlantic Ocean

Fonte: Gabriela Boeing, B.BICE

eubrasilProject will bring together different monitoring activities of the Atlantic Ocean in the climate system with the participation of Brazil, Europe, Canada and the USA.

The approval of the AtlantOS project by the European Commission, which will receive a funding of €20 million from the Horizon 2020 Programme will represent a significant improvement of the research on the role of the South Atlantic Ocean in the climate system.


What is AtlantOS?

AtlantOS will aim to address current fragmented Atlantic Ocean monitoring activities in Europe, Brazil, Canada and USA and seek to develop a more efficient, complete and lower cost information delivery system. One of the initiatives that should be incorporated by AtlantOS is the Samoc programme (South Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation) coordinated by USA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, with the participation of Brazil, France, Germany, Spain and the USA.


“The role of the oceans in the climate system must be carried out globally”

Professor Edmo Campos, member of Samoc Executive Committee and Titular Professor and Chairman of the International Relations of the Oceanographic Institute of the University of São Paulo, stresses that it is very important to create an observation system of the Atlantic that is not restricted to the Northern region, since the South Atlantic has a very important role on the heat transportation to the North Atlantic.

“AtlantOS, with the participation of researchers from around the world, will enable the development of research in a way it was not possible before, bringing benefits to all parties in a superior manner”. In fact, “the role of the oceans in the climate system must be carried out globally”. He also points out that the Brazilian participation in AtlantOS will help to increase the ability to raise funds for other studies in this area in Brazil.


From B.BICE+ to AtlantOS

IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement), B.BICE+ coordinator, is also a member of AtlantOS consortium. It is already strongly involved in in situ observations of the tropical Atlantic, mostly through the PIRATA programme (see our presentation of PIRATA-19) and by monitoring some merchant ships equipped with dedicated instruments (thermosalinograph, CO2 sensors). IRD will contribute to AtlantOS by adding sensors on PIRATA buoys (temperature, salinity, current, CO2…) and by contributing to the extension of the coverage of CO2-instrumented commercial vessels.

AtlantOS will also contribute to reinforce present collaborations in research and capacity building already established between IRD and Brazilian teams. Besides, thanks to AtlantOS, new observations that will be available in the tropical Atlantic will also be very valuable for the EU PREFACE programme[1], in which IRD is also closely involved with African partners.

Coordinated by GEOMAR, the 51-month AtlantOS project will start in early 2015, with the participation of a team of 60 researchers from EU countries, Brazil, Canada and the USA.

[1] PREFACE project aims at providing a comprehensive assessment of the Tropical Atlantic climate, from observations to predicting its socio-economic impacts. It implies cooperation between European and African researchers working on Tropical Atlantic climate and its impact.