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Tropical-subtropical connections: a numerical approximation in the South Atlantic Ocean

oceansciences2014A Numerical Approximation in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Paola Castellanos & Edmo J.D. Campos.


Connections between the Tropical and South Atlantic Ocean have been recognized as an important fact for the understanding of the inter-hemispheric exchange of mass and heat (Haarsma, R.J., et al. 2011. Impacts of interruption of the Agulhas leakage on the tropical Atlantic in coupled ocean– atmosphere simulations. Climate Dynamics. 36:989-1003). In this study, a simulation with an eddy-resolving ocean general circulation model is analyzed to investigate these tropicalextratropical connections in the Atlantic. The results show two regions with strong seasonal variability: Zonal velocity maximum has positive/negative anomalies centered at the Agulhas Retroflection region and in the North Brazil Current. The monthly-mean anomaly of the barotropic stream function exhibits the Agulhas rings corridor with a dominant northward flux during the Austral summer, which coincides with the occurrence of maximum sea surface height at 5º N.


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