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SUBMESO - BMC (2006-2008)

Papel das Atividades de Mesoescala e Submesoescala no sistma frontal Brasil-Malvinas.

Descrição: Investigation the role of mesoscale and submesoscale turbulent activity in the Brazil-Malvinas Frontal System. The main premise is that both are important to explain the distribution of water properties suchs as T,S, nutrients and potential vorticity in the region because they condition the transformation and subduction of the different water masses. Using the 3-D primitive equation numerical model ROMS, we propose to investigate and quantify these processes. The main outcome expected is an improved understanding of the role played by the SouthWest Atlantic (SWA) in the thermocline ventilation and, more generally, in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation. This Project was motivated by discussions held during the SACOSWorkshop and contributions to the SACC Consortium are anticipated. The project is developed with the participation of two Post-Doc fellows, for whom we are requesting fellowships from FAPESP. One will be mostly involved with the research plan described here. The other will develop a project of data assimilation for ocean forecast, in which the model component is the one implemented as part of this work..
Situação: Em andamento; Natureza: Pesquisa.
Alunos envolvidos: Doutorado: (1) .

Integrantes: Edmo José Dias Campos - Coordenador / Alberto R Piola - Integrante / Raquel Leite Melo - Integrante / Reindert Julius Haarsmas - Integrante / Elbio Palma - Integrante / Afonso de M Paiva - Integrante / Xavier Capet - Integrante.
Financiador(es): Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo - Auxílio financeiro / Instituto Interamericano para Pesquisas em Mudanças Globais - Auxílio financeiro.Número de orientações: 1