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CORDILLERAS (2006-2011)

Documenting, understanding and projecting changes in the hydrological cycle in the American Cordillera

Descrição: Future climate changes will take place within the time frames required to plan and implement resource-management decisions necessary to respond to these changes. This project addresses these issues by examining the linkages between components of the hydrological cycle in the Americas including several key questions: (i) How have the components of the hydrologic system in the American Cordillera varied in time and space in response to natural climatic forcing? (ii) How will these systems respond to modifications imposed by Global Change? (iii) What will the future impact of these changes be on regional human activities? These questions will be addressed by comparative studies in selected drainage basins in four critical regions. The Project will examine and develop contemporary and proxy climate data to establish links with the dominant causes of climate and streamflow variability over the last ca 300years (ENSO, PDO, NAO, etc.). E. Campos is a South American Co-Cordinator, leading the reasearch on the role of the oceans, in particular the significance of the Atlantic component in the annual discharge of river basins located in the Central Andes.
Situação: Em andamento; Natureza: Pesquisa.
Alunos envolvidos: Graduação: (1) / Mestrado profissionalizante: (1) .

Integrantes: Edmo José Dias Campos - Integrante / Luciana Yokoyama Xavier - Integrante / Henrique Pereira Goes - Integrante / Ricardo Villalba - Integrante / Brian Luckman - Coordenador.
Financiador(es): Instituto Argentino de Nivología, Glaciología y Ciencias Ambientales - Cooperação / Instituto Interamericano para Pesquisas em Mudanças Globais - Auxílio financeiro / University of Western Ontario - Cooperação.
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